Storytelling for Teams

Adam Burk + Co has coached hundreds of speakers from high school students to CEO's. We've worked with teams from marketing agencies, non-profits, research groups, and more to raise the collective bar. 

We provide introduction to storytelling workshops and/or group coaching depending on your goals. Answer the questions below to get your team started towards becoming better, more compelling presenters. 

Looking for one-one-one support to be a better storyteller? Head over here.

“As someone who has served in political office and given hundreds of presentations, it was remarkably helpful to me to have an opportunity to work with Adam Burk and have his coaching on a presentation I recently made. His direction and comments helped me to see my appearance in a different light which I believe made my points more clear and succinct. His analysis of what I was trying to say and his input made me a more effective presenter. Perhaps more importantly, the coaching he provided I will use in the future when I am called upon to present. The “new lens” that I have to review my presentations will be very helpful. Just when you think you know all you need to about giving speeches, someone like Adam Burk comes along and teaches you to be more effective and convincing. Lucky to be never too old to learn.” 

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My team needs help before:
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