Design Portland May Meet up - Design Your Life


Design Portland May Meet up - Design Your Life


May 23, 2018

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Red Thread, 1 City Center, Portland, Maine

What is it?
A series of free, monthly meet-ups in Portland focused on design thinking. This is a chance to learn about and practice design thinking in a casual setting with other people who are stoked to learn, imagine, and create.

Empathize. Define. Ideate. Prototype. Test. Design thinking is a set of mindsets and methods that help us design better solutions to problems. Whether it’s redesigning a bike helmet or rethinking the way our city approaches housing, design thinking has a place wherever there is a human-centered need. Each session will focus on a different mindset in the design thinking process. We’ll go through the entire process from start to finish and we’ll take some deep dives into the different methods of design thinking.

What will we do?
We’ll be joined by one of the creators of Stanford’s most sought after courses - Design Your Life - in this two hour, fast paced workshop to help you, do just that.

Will it be fun?
Design thinking is a naturally surprising, fun and creative process. We’ll play games, laugh together, and build stuff with pipe cleaners.

Who does it?
People who are looking to solve sticky problems in more creative ways. People who design products and experiences. People who are in charge of large organizations. People who work in large organizations and are frustrated with the way they do not meet people’s needs. People who are looking to build more just and resilient systems. Educators, social innovators, entrepreneurs, government workers. In short, everyone. You need not have any prior experience with design thinking. Seriously, this is for everyone.

Join a growing community of design thinkers in Portland.

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