Introduction to Design Thinking


Introduction to Design Thinking


October 16, 2019

Portland, Maine

What is it

This is a full-day immersive workshop.

We begin with an academic approach to understanding design thinking and then shift to an experiential practice of design doing. Our workshops focus on giving participants ample opportunity to try out the skills they're building, not just hear about them.

Why do it

You’re looking for a fresh approach to problem solving or team work.

You want to bring more empathy in to your work.

You want to build a new product or service.

You’ve heard about design thinking and are intrigued.

You’ve been told design thinking is something you should be familiar with.

All of these and more are good reasons to take this one-day introductory workshop.

Who does it

People who make products and services.

People who want more enjoyable and productive processes.

People who are frustrated by the status quo.

Executives, managers, designers, humans.

About us

We have been using and teaching design thinking for almost ten years. We’ve learned from Stanford, IDEO, Google, and many others. We have run 2-hour intro workshops, and 5-day bootcamps.

Adam Burk is founder of Adam Burk + Co, and co-founder of community non-profit Treehouse Institute. He first learned about design thinking in 2010, and immediately began getting every resource he could get his hands on. He then found a mentor from IDEO to help him develop his design thinking practice, and has been prototyping trainings for others ever since. He’s taught teams in the Northeast and the Caribbean, from Fortune 100 companies to community volunteers.

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