Company and collaboration. Community, connection, conversation.

+ CO is not just a clever or ubiquitous addition – it’s a part of our philosophy. By working together, we find and frame problems more inclusively, and can create and test solutions more effectively. We see more, because we are more. 

We are ...

Producers that put on events that people can’t wait for and talk about long after.

Coaches that help you tell stories that people care about and rally around.

Facilitators that create spaces for people to activate new mindsets, learn new methods, and grow as leaders and teams.

Designers that build brands, products, and services based on what people want in their lives and the world.

Researchers that find insights rooted in empathy for people to drive innovation.

Zoë Romano

Zoë Romano

Sally Newhall +  Sea Glass Events

Sally Newhall + Sea Glass Events

Tim Ferrell

Tim Ferrell

Mike Toderico +  Toderico Creative

Mike Toderico + Toderico Creative