Build Community with Stories

Adam Burk + Co helps communities grow through storytelling. From towns finding themselves after growth or change to businesses that want to bring their stakeholders together to find common purpose, sharing stories about our hopes, fears, and greatest discoveries bring us together in a timeless and transformative way. 

Looking for one-one-one support to be a better storyteller? Head over here. Or storytelling for teams? Look here.

"Adam Burk and his team are longtime collaborators of ours. As co-producers and coaches for our Maine Live program, they understand and share our mission and vision of inspired storytelling, and approach their work with integrity, passion, and skill. They have helped us deepen our relationships with speakers, our audience, sponsors, and the community at large. Through our relationship, we have also gained a likeminded partner and friend." 

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When is the next time you have a high-stakes presentation? Do you have a keynote coming up? Are you pitching your business? Maybe you're opening your organization's big event?
What are you trying to achieve? With whom? Where? How do you envision using stories as part of this effort? How do you envision sharing these stories? Live event, video, audio ... ?