Adam Burk + Co Joins Katahdin Collaborative To Build A Brighter Future


Adam Burk + Co has been selected to provide training, facilitation, and support for the Katahdin Gazetteer project. We are teaming up with Principle to join the Katahdin Collaborative's effort to engage people in seven towns to develop a vision and a plan for the future they want for themselves, their neighbors, and future generations. 

Now through March 2019, we will design experiences that are welcoming, fun, and productive, throughout the region, pairing our expertise in human-centered design with Principle's in authentic placemaking. This will be done on the shoulders of the smart and hard work people have been doing in the region for years to come together, deal with tough problems, and come out better for it. 

We will share our process, learnings, and adventures as we go on our website, facebook, and instagram