Welcome to Magic Fire Mountain. This is a monthly publication from Adam Burk + Co that explores creativity, storytelling, and tackling new challenges. This month we will introduce ourselves, what we do, and why we do it.

Once upon a time ...

The birds called in the day with their chorus. There was not a cloud in the sky, navy blue dotted with silver stars gave way to pink to yellow and then to baby blue as the day began. The hay brook bubbled through the night and morning.  A small group of people began stirring, enjoying the warmth of their sleeping bags, but unable to withstand the grumbles in their bellies.

I was already up, fire sparked, water boiling for coffee, breakfast started. Today was a big day. A day that would change lives. But that couldn't happen on a cold, empty stomach, without adequate gear. My planning had begun months ago, all so that today, nothing avoidable would get in the way. Today would be an experience of a lifetime, and that was no accident. 

With the basics - food, shelter, fire - taken care of, this group of people had the chance to slip out of their everyday selves and into something larger. They played in the brook, built rock sculptures, chased each other like children, and ultimately settled around the fire to share stories. These stories cracked open our vulnerabilities and thus, our shared humanity. Stories of questioning, of clarity, of disappointment and triumph. Stories we all could relate to, and were each uniquely our own. 

This day is now an anchor in the timeline of our lives, a reference point, a before and an after. 

It was the day that awoke a manifesto that now guides Adam Burk + Co.

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